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Version 4.28 updates

24 Nov 2016

Updates for child themes and Media A to Z plugin.

Version 4.27 updates

26 Oct 2016

A round-up of changes since version 4.24. Media A to Z and Document Finder template enhancements. Links to event type archives in the Event Listing widget.

Version 4.24 udpates

1 Oct 2016

Theme and plugin updates from 4.20 to 4.24

Advice for users on GovIntranet version 4.17 and previous

10 Sep 2016

GovIntranet 4.17 and previous versions contain code that has been removed from WordPress version 4.5+ Please upgrade your GovIntranet theme and plugins if you plan to update to the latest version of …

Version 4.20 updates

8 Sep 2016

Version 4.20 The widget area for Homepage Column 3 bottom has now been removed. Theme updates will move any widgets you had in this area to the bottom of Homepage …

Version 4.19.3 updates

23 Aug 2016

Restyled forum templates, new search placeholder functionality and various bug fixes.

Version 4.19 updates

6 Aug 2016

Theme update notifications, timelines and bug fixes.

Zero Hits Monitor updates

1 Aug 2016

Improvements and bug fixes for the Zero Hits Monitor plugin.

Version 4.18 updates

26 Jul 2016

Overview of updates in version 4.18

Newsboard template problems?

28 Jun 2016

The “newsboard” template allows you to build your own page containing tabs to highlight listings of news, news updates, blog posts and events. When you select the newsboard template for …