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Accessibility checker

GovIntranet accessibility checker

7 Aug 2020

A new accessibility tool for GovIntranet checks text and background colour combinations on the intranet.

Version – 4.39.10 and plugin updates

14 Sep 2019

“Most Active” widget stopped working? Find out how to fix it.

Version and plugin updates

27 Mar 2018

Various search improvements and plugin updates.

Version to 4.39.4 updates

3 Mar 2018

New features and bug fixes.

Version 4.39 updates

19 Dec 2017

Customiser and template updates.

Version 4.38 updates

22 Nov 2017

Updates to support the WordPress customiser.

Theme updates stalled at version 4.34.8

16 Jun 2017 7 comments

Theme update notifications have stalled. To update beyond v4.34.8 please update manually.

Version 4.35 updates

12 Jun 2017 2 comments

Support for BuddyPress and integration with user profiles.

Minor updates: version 4.34.1 – 4.34.8

28 Feb 2017

New plugin to remove Posts from admin menus.

Version 4.34 updates

17 Jan 2017

Updates for Projects templates, custom header code for fonts and changes to alt tags.