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28 Jun 2016

Please note the new site address:

Version updates to 4.16.1

19 Jun 2016

A quick list of updates since the last news post.

Version 4.10.1 updates

27 Apr 2016

Updates in versions 4.10 and 4.10.1

Version 4.9.7 and 4.9.8 updates

18 Apr 2016 2 comments

Version 4.9.7 contains some bug fixes including corrections to the search results template if you include media and documents in your search index. Version 4.9.8 contains final files for the restricted …

Version 4.9.6 updates

3 Apr 2016 2 comments

Here are some highlights from updates over the past few versions.

Version 4.7.3 updates

22 Nov 2015

GovIntranet templates and plugins have had extensive updates recently to prepare the theme for translation and to support core date and time formats. Please update your date and time formats …

Translators required

2 Nov 2015

Work is underway to prepare the GovIntranet theme for translation. While the theme files are being updated, we need translators and validators to help build the translation files. To get involved please …

Version 4.2.6 and 4.2.7 updates

23 Aug 2015 2 comments

The theme now supports a secondary navigation menu. The purpose of this addition is to be able to hook into the menu items and add optional links such as “My …

Version 4.2.5 updates

17 Aug 2015

There has been a flurry of updates over the past few months as a result of requests for enhancements and bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights: Aggregator page …

“First Timer” tutorial video available

8 Jul 2015

In this video I talk you through setting up the GovIntranet theme on a fresh WordPress installation.