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Upgrade fix available

28 Feb 2015

The upgrade plugin from version 3 to version 4 missed vacancies and jargon busters. There is a new fix plugin on github to bring back these post types. Download, install …

Upgrade to GovIntranet version 4

15 Feb 2015 4 comments

Existing GovIntranet users can now upgrade to version 4 of the WordPress theme. Please follow the upgrade instructions. For new users, the information on this site is still for version …

WordPress theme customizer

5 Jan 2015 2 comments

There are header and page background customisation options in the version 3 theme. But they boil down to a choice of colours. I’ve been experimenting with the WordPress theme customizer in …

GovIntranet 4.0 in beta

2 Jan 2015 8 comments

Work is under way to rewrite the existing GovIntranet theme. The main changes are a move away from the Pods plugin, coding custom post types into the theme, and introducing …

New WordPress Tube status widget

21 Aug 2014

Have you tried to embed the TfL Tube status widget on your intranet? We have had problems running the widget over SSL. We have developed an experimental WordPress Tube status widget …

Update your Pods plugin

23 Jun 2014

Urgent update required for the Pods plugin.

Ajax pagination plugin

7 May 2014

Security tests of the Ajax pagination plugin revealed some vulnerabilities. We recommend that you deactivate this plugin and rely on regular pagination. For more information see the report by dxw.

Version 3.0.9 updates

5 May 2014

Updates are available on GitHub containing bugfixes and updates to the theme. Events templates Updated templates for the events listing page and the 2 event templates. Updated widget. New field …

Staff directory templates

26 Jan 2014

New staff directory templates are available in the GovIntranet theme. Read the article on Intranet Diary Read the instructions to setup the staff directory

Member area and forums

12 Jan 2014

I have decided to close down the members area in favour of using the forums instead. I hope that this will make the site easier to follow with just one …