Version 4.24 udpates

Version 4.24 udpates

1 Oct 2016

There have been many updates to the theme and plugins over the last month. I’ve broken down updates into subjects below.


  • News and news updates allow timed taxonomy change via auto-expiry


  • Improvements to automated expiry background routines (news, news updates and vacancies)
  • Core WordPress image styles added, allowing alignright etc.
  • Tube status widget updates
  • Enhancement to About this page widget with links to staff profiles
  • Enhancement to About page template for equal height rows
  • Event single template update for no times
  • Changes to document downloads box styling
  • Enhancement to feature news widget (removed ‘nothing to show’ message)
  • Enhancements to news updates (better styling on template sidebars)
  • Author template updates allowing for use of forums and directory
  • Icon updates to support .dot files
  • Auto-related blog posts
  • Improved WYSIWYG options for forums
  • Updates to Media A to Z templates


  • Widget caching improvements
  • Auto expiry moved from templates to background cron job
  • Minor HTML validation and security updates to templates and plugins
  • Inline styles moved to head in event, vacancy and intravert widgets
  • Tag template fix
  • Fix to category search box buttons
  • Fix to search box button (tommarshall)
  • Fix to listdocs shortcode (tommarshall)
  • HT Notify widget deactivation fix
  • New CSS classes for event and vacancy widget listings
  • Bootstrap updates
  • User profile page title fix
  • Remove automated complementary colour checkbox in options
  • Fixes for Google Analytics intravert tracking
  • How do I template tidy
  • Bug fix for excerpts in loop
  • News update widget style updates
  • Intravert widget style updates
  • Fixes to news auto-related links
  • Aggregate template fix for blog listings
  • Translation updates

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