Zero Hits Monitor updates

Zero Hits Monitor updates

1 Aug 2016

The total amount of API requests and the amount of requests per second will affect the daily Google Analytics API quota available for building the zero hits report. This has resulted in some reports creating false positives, showing zero hits for pages that have pageviews.

While plans are in place to allow you to specify your own API keys for use with the Zero Hits Monitor, I’ve updated the plugin to work better with missing data and month end change overs.

If errors occur during the patrol, due to going over quota or too many requests per second, the report entry for a given page/month will show -1 to indicate that the data is missing. Dashboard information will highlight any missing entries.

missing entries

To complete the missing data, go to the settings and check the “Fill missing entries” option:


Both the reset option and the catchup option now trigger a background job to build the report or fill in missing entries.

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