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Version 4.35 updates

12 Jun 2017 2 comments

Support for BuddyPress and integration with user profiles.

Minor updates: version 4.34.1 – 4.34.8

28 Feb 2017

New plugin to remove Posts from admin menus.

Version 4.34 updates

17 Jan 2017

Updates for Projects templates, custom header code for fonts and changes to alt tags.

Version 4.33 updates

31 Dec 2016

Improvements for auto-expiry post processing.

Version 4.32 updates

31 Dec 2016

Redesigned admin options and customised ‘not found’ messages.

HT plugins and auto-updates

24 Dec 2016

A note on plugin updates and theme update notifications.

Version 4.31 updates

19 Dec 2016

The latest versions of WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields have introduced new features and functions, causing problems for some users depending on the combination of versions of WordPress, ACF and GovIntranet. …

WordPress 4.7 issues

10 Dec 2016 3 comments

Some broken templates within the Timelines and Media A to Z plugins.

Version 4.30 updates

27 Nov 2016

New feature to hide user accounts.

Version 4.29 updates

27 Nov 2016

Updates to staff profile mobile templates.