Version 4.19 updates

Version 4.19 updates

6 Aug 2016

Events widget excerpt corrections

The events listing widget has been updated to prefer the post excerpt over a snippet of the content.

User profile team database fixes

Older Advanced Custom Fields plugin versions have left remnants of inconsistent records within the database. This has affected some teams assigned to user profiles and is particularly a problem for early theme users.

Upgrade routines are now included in the theme to check the database version and trigger data cleansing processes if required.

Improved control of intravert order in widgets

The AJAX version of the plugin now follows the order of intraverts as shown in each widget placement. The original method was to use the intraverts post order. This now gives greater flexibility to intravert placement.

New Timelines plugin

As a result of several client requests for custom templates to display a timeline of alternating cards we developed an all-purpose plugin that provides two timeline templates.

Timeline excerpt

Theme update notifications added

Code from W-Shadow  powers theme update notifications. After updating to 4.19 you’ll get dashboard notifications for subsequent updates to the GovIntranet theme, and you’ll be able to update through the admin interface if your server allows.

Update notification

Warning #1: Updates will overwrite the theme folder and any modifications you have made to the theme. Keep copies of modified files outside of the govintranet theme folder to preserve them.

Warning #2: If you can’t update plugins via the dashboard, or you can’t update WordPress via the dashboard, you probably can’t update GovIntranet this way and you shouldn’t try. Attempting to update via the dashboard when you don’t have privileges on the server can lock the system in maintenance mode and you’ll need to get technical assistance to reset the theme.

Update theme

GovIntranet plugins are not yet integrated with plugin update notifications.

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