Version 4.7.3 updates

Version 4.7.3 updates

22 Nov 2015

GovIntranet templates and plugins have had extensive updates recently to prepare the theme for translation and to support core date and time formats.

Please update your date and time formats in Settings, General. Templates and widgets will use these settings.

Translation has started! I’ve included the current work in progress in the 4.7.3 updates. This includes translation files for German and Russian – big thanks to all involved.

To accommodate the different forum and staff directory settings, the staff profile URL used throughout the theme is derived as follows:

Staff profile URL
Forum supportStaff directoryURL

If BuddyPress is in use, the URL will be /members

If Forums are in use but the Staff directory module is switched off, user profiles will show forum information and minimal profile information (name and email).

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