Version 4.10.1 updates

Version 4.10.1 updates

27 Apr 2016

Versions 4.10 and 4.10.1 contain the following updates:

Search results page modifications

Changes to pagination, filters and a secondary search box aim to streamline the search process:

  • Page 2+ displays pagination at the top of the results
  • All filtered searches show a subtle “Search again” box at the top of the results
  • All pages show pagination at the bottom of results
  • A more prominent “Search again” box appears for no results

The “Search again” box works in conjunction with the filter options. You can change the search query and filters and use either search button. Note that this does not integrate with the main search box (yet).

Clickable logo

I have wanted to fix this basic usability issue for so long. At last, the logo and title are now both clickable. There’s also been some updates for the logo placement and size. Logos should appear correctly no matter what height or width. However, you still need to upload the exact size that you require.

“About this” widget

Some performance updates will help intranets with large hierarchies of “pages”. The contextual timestamp is now displayed in realtime, even if you use caching. Support for the AJAX version has been removed.  Please revert to the regular version.

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