Version updates to 4.16.1

Version updates to 4.16.1

19 Jun 2016

Theme and template updates

A quick list of updates since the last news post.


  • New offset option for news templates
  • Bug fix for aggregator page templates – teams not showing avatars
  • Bug fix for feature blog posts widget – incorrect date on pinned posts
  • Profile nudge update to include check for first and last name (ajax version only)


  • Timediff removed from functions.php
  • Portuguese language translations
  • About this page widget fix for publication date
  • Updates to intraverts widgets to allow tracking on homepage and search results


  • Bug fix for news single templates
  • Bug fix for HT Profile nudge widget


  • Updates to login/logout links in utility menu – now uses AJAX to load profile menu links
  • New option for intraverts to allow a skip button


  • Fixes for left-hand menu templates
  • Video format for blog posts
  • Fix for HT Feature news pinned posts


  • Option to hide site name in header


  • Access keys added 1=home, 2=main menu, 3=utility menu, 4=search, s=skip to content (already in place)


  • Event type dropdown added to newsboard template
  • Newsboard template bug fixes
  • Style updates for search buttons


  • Updates to news listing loop, featured image now clickable
  • Updates to news type taxonomy archive, featured image now clickable
  • Content Report plugin enhancements
  • Fix for long text on intravert buttons
  • Media A to Z plugin enhancements
  • Translation updates

New plugins

Content Report

Produces a spreadsheet of posts and pages with detailed information. Designed to help teams to manage content and publishers.

Content Report options

Media A to Z

Adds an A to Z taxonomy to the media library and a new Media A to Z template with search capability and filtering by A to Z, document type and category.

Media A to Z

Pending badge

Adds a count of pending posts in the admin menu.

Pending badge

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