Version 4.9.6 updates

Version 4.9.6 updates

3 Apr 2016

Here are some highlights from updates over the past few versions.


A new plugin to allow staff to save favourite pages. Comes with a widget allowing you to place a button in a widget area on posts and pages for staff to add to favourites, and a widget to display staff favourites.

Add to favourites

Personalised staff favourites


A new plugin to allow staff to subscribe to notification updates. Comes with a widget allowing you to place a button in a widget area on posts and pages for staff to subscribe. When a post or page is updated an email is sent to subscribers.

Subscribe to notifications

Disable “Did you mean?”

A new switch in Options, Search to disable the Relevanssi “Did you mean?” functionality. Some clients have experienced problems due to server configuration and this default functionality.

Did you mean?


The theme and plugins are ready for translation and we already have a few language files available. However, clients are using this feature to translate English to English, changing text and words in the theme templates to their own preferences. For example, several clients have changed “tasks and guides” to “guidance”, and “teams” to “departments”.

Custom CSS

Use the Custom CSS textarea in Options, Style to add your own CSS customisations. The theme now includes this field as a localised custom.css file.

Blog category

A new blog category taxonomy has been added to blog posts so that you can group blog posts by theme as well as author.

Newsboard template

Due to the growing number of news templates and the requirements for different options, there is now a new template that will allow you to build your own news page including news, news updates, blog posts and events. The page displays a tabbed view and still has the news sidebar available.


“About” template

A new option on this template allows you to switch the number of columns on the page.


A new option in tasks allows you to create an accordion-style page. This is an alternative/addition to multi-page guides.


2 replies on “Version 4.9.6 updates”

  • Great stuff.

    Can I ask when upgrading to this version, can I simply copy the new files (theme and plugins) over the old or is there a method to follow?

    • As long as you are following the incremental updates then it’s okay to copy over just the changed files.

      To be sure you have the latest complete version, it’s okay to download the complete theme and plugins again.

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