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WordPress 4.7 issues

WordPress 4.7 issues

10 Dec 2016

WordPress 4.7 introduces some new features for page templates that have caused problems for the Timelines and Media A to Z plugins, which have their own templates.

These page templates will continue to work on the front end, but the option to choose the template in the Page attributes panel has disappeared. You will lose the page template if you update these pages.

As a workaround, you can copy individual templates from the plugins to the /themes/govintranet/ folder.

For the Timelines plugin, copy the template-timelines.php and template-timelines-filter.php files.

For the Media A to Z plugin, copy the template-document-finder.php and template-media-atoz.php files.

3 responses to WordPress 4.7 issues

  1. Tom Andrew says:

    I am currently running Wordpress 4.4.2 and planning to upgrade the theme to V4.31. Is there an optimal version of Wordpress to be on, right now? Normally I tend to run a version behind for safety to avoid issues like this.

    • Luke Oatham says:

      Improvements in GovIntranet 4.31.2 will cater for the different versions.
      If you upgrade to WordPress 4.6+, I’d recommend also updating your ACF Pro plugin. However, GI 4.31.2 should be okay on your current WordPress version. The big problem has been document types. If you use the document finder template, you should install and activate the HT Media A to Z plugin before updating the GovIntranet theme.

  2. Tom Andrew says:

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for getting back. I went ahead and upgrading the theme and plugins to 4.21.1 this morning. I had media A to Z enabled and dont use Document Finder. I then upgraded ACF Pro. I have indeed lost all document type data. So now attempting a backup restore.

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