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Theme updates stalled at version 4.34.8

16 Jun 2017

Theme update notifications have stalled at version 4.34.8 when a bug crept into the theme causing the theme checker routine to fail.

If you rely on admin dashboard notifications to update your theme, you won’t receive further notifications until you manually upgrade.¬†You’ll need to switch to a default WordPress theme, delete the GovIntranet 4 theme, then upload the latest theme zip file and activate.

Download the latest theme


7 responses to Theme updates stalled at version 4.34.8

  1. PerryL says:

    I recently reactivated a web site I constructed around the GovIntranet theme back in late 2015. How do I update the theme with the numerous versions released in the time since? Thanks for your help,
    Perry L
    Fairview, Texas

    • Luke Oatham says:

      What version are you upgrading from?

      See version 3 to version 4 upgrade instructions – there are some upgrade plugins in the utilities folder.

      • PerryL says:

        Hi Luke,
        Thank you for the response. I cannot identify the version but I assume it is 4.7 or there abouts. We constructed the site in late 2015.

      • PerryL says:

        It is version How must the updates be applied? Are the “version 3 to version 4 upgrade instructions” applicable?

        • Luke Oatham says:

          Make sure to install and activate the HT Media A to Z plugin before you update the GovIntranet theme. Part of the update routines require this to be active. You’ll need to update to the latest version of WordPress and ACF Pro plugin before any GovIntranet theme or plugin updates.
          Don’t use the version 3 upgrade scripts; these are only for moving from the old Pods version.
          I recommend you take a backup of your database, and make a note of any colour settings that you use for the header background and complementary colours.
          Many options and settings have changed since your 4.6 version so you may need to run through the Options tabs to turn on new settings.

  2. I am currently on Version: but did not do a manual update. Does this mean I should still get automatic updates?

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