Upgrade to GovIntranet version 4 Guide


You only need to upgrade if you use version 3 of GovIntranet.

Make a full backup of your database before you start. This procedure makes direct updates to your database and will alter and restructure your posts and pages.
After the update you will need to make some final manual adjustments to your configuration. Keep a note of your header colour settings and your Google Analytics settings for the “Most active” widget.
  1. Install and activate just the GovIntranet 4 upgrade plugin. Do not install the new theme or any other plugins just yet.
  2. Go to Tools, GovIntranet 4 upgrade and start the upgrade. The screen will refresh when the process is finished. This may take several minutes. Copy and paste or print out the results screen. This contains a log of changes made.
  3. Go to Pods Admin, Settings, “Cleanup and reset” tab. Choose to Deactivate and Delete Pods data.
  4. When done, install and activate the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin.
  5. Deactivate and delete the GovIntranet 4 upgrade widget.
  6. Install and activate new HT plugins making sure to overwrite any existing plugins. Remove HT List tags and HT Landing page plugins.
  7. Install and activate version 4 of the GovIntranet theme.
  8. Check Appearance, Menus, Manage locations and set the primary navigation menu.
  9. Check Options, Modules, and setup your content modules. The upgrade process attempts to setup modules automatically but you may need to switch on anything that has been missed and specify the main page for each module type.
  10. Check Appearance, Widgets. Some widgets may have transposed up into different widget boxes. You’ll need to drag and drop to their original positions. There is a new “Homepage hero” area which will contain widgets that you need to move to the first column area.
  11. Add Google account details to the “Most active” widget if necessary. These settings used to be stored in the general intranet configuration settings.
  12. Adjust new settings in Feature news, blogs, events and vacancies widgets (turn on excerpts, show link to more) if required.
  13. Check Appearance, Customise, and set header text colour, header background colour, background colour and any header images.
  14. If you use the staff directory, you may need to set the template on the page to the new staff directory template.
  15. Regenerate your image thumbnails.
  16. Check your Relevanssi search settings paying attention to teams, projects and vacancies.
  17. Flush permalinks by going to Settings, Permalinks. Change to default and save. Go back to the Dashboard. Go back to Settings, Permalinks. Change to post name and save.
  18. Activate the GovIntranet version 4 upgrade fix plugin and run it via the Tools menu.
  19. Check the gotchas page if you still have problems.