Version to 4.39.4 updates

3 Mar 2018

Changes and enhancements

Supported MIME types

Support for .rdp, .eps and .oft files has been moved outside the theme to a new plugin, “HT Mime types”. OneNote files are now also included. If you need to upload these files formats to the media library, install and activate the new plugin.

Video and audio post formats

Video and audio post formats now use a media embed field instead of a regular URL. This provides better support for responsive media in theme and plugin templates. Embedded media will display in the editing screen, and you can use additional embed formats to feature in posts, for example, tweets or links to other sites.

Utilities menu

Login/Logout links have been repositioned to the end of the utilities menu, with improved spacing.


New custom message on comment form when logged out, with options to show login and register buttons. See Options, Text and features.


Improvements to ‘people’ shortcode to filter by team.

Aggregator template

In the old template, the main page content displayed in the first column area of the page template. This now displays full width at the top of the page, before the column areas.

If you want to retain the original look of this template you should move content from the main content area to a new free-format block in the first column.

News updates

Keywords field added to News updates.

About page template

A new panel for layout options on the “About page” template allows you to display featured images from sub-pages.

Plugin updates

GovIntranet plugins are not included as part of theme updates. Please remember to download the latest theme plugins and update manually.

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