Version – 4.39.10 and plugin updates

14 Sep 2019

Theme updates

Version 4.39.10

  • Footer credits

  • A to Z listing improvements

  • Theme updater now works in child themes

Version 4.39.9

  • Updated to Bootstrap v3.4.1


  • Events template updates on eventbrite booking form

Version 4.39.8

  • Bug fix on people shortcode, now correctly picks up the team slug

Version 4.39.7

  • Fix on non-Relevanssi staff search results to respect ‘hide’ flag


  • First and last name display improvements on staff directory

Version 4.39.6

  • Accessibility improvements on staff directory


  • Removed default login logo


  • Custom colour tidy

Version 4.39.5

  • Dropped support for theme updates from non-SSL sites. All updates now come via HTTPS.


  • Fix for manuals in tasks, bug on last page of a guide


  • PHP warning fix for tag clouds
  • PHP warning fix on single blog template


  • Change to show only published posts on author blog listing template
  • Change to category templatle to allow for featured images
  • Utility menu styling updates
  • .docm added to automatic document icons
  • Better formatting of content on aggregator template free-format element
  • Task wide-page format improved to include manuals accordion
  • Primary nav styling fix for indented menus

Plugin updates

  • Feature Blogposts – fixes to show circular avatars, adjust avatar sizing, link to taxonomy term archive
  • News Updates – new feature to show remaining posts
  • Hashtags – inclusion of comments badge
  • Recent Comments – new feature to filter by post type
  • Events Listing – bug fix on excerpts
  • General updates to replace deprecated PHP functions
  • General updates for new Gravity Forms tables
  • Intraverts – new shuffle feature
  • Most Active – new Google Analytics api keys

Utilities updates

  • Fix to correctly import team information with user profiles

“Most Active” widget stopped working?

The Google Analytics API key used in the plugin has been updated. Please update the HT Most Active plugin to version 2.5.

You’ll need to re-authenticate the widget. If you see the “Click to get code” button appear where the Most Active widget is supposed to show, click the button and allow access to your Google Analytics account. You’ll receive a code which you must then paste back into the intranet field beneath the button.

If you use caching on your intranet, delete the cache so that the newly authenticated widget will display. A common issue is that the page still shows the “Click to get code” button even though the widget has been authenticated.

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