Intravert guide Guide

5. Techniques

Be clever about how you use your intraverts.

Queue them up

You can choose several intraverts within the same widget. Only one is shown at a time. Intraverts will continue to appear until clicked. When the page is revisited, the next available intravert will display.

Take a phased approach

Don’t queue too many intraverts to appear at the same time, especially on the homepage or main landing pages. Use date ranges to coordinate a phased set of messages.

Place strategically and sensibly

Don’t bombard the homepage; use widget areas on deeper intranet templates such as landing pages, individual blog post sidebars or the search results page .

Experiment with using the same set of intraverts across various widget areas, but change the order on individual instances.

Intravert clicks are tracked across all widget areas. Once clicked, they are marked as viewed. If a particular intravert is clicked on the news landing page, it won’t show again if eligible on the homepage or blog landing page.

Target when possible

Click rates will be better if you target groups of staff, at specific times, in specific places on the intranet.

Use content targeting to place intraverts where they are likely to work best. For example, if you need to highlight a new paternity leave policy, it could work well if displayed on your HR tasks, but maybe not so well in the information management section.

Manage expiration

Make sure that intraverts don’t reappear when they are no longer relevant.  An unexpected “Welcome” image that appears a month after launch can cause embarrassment.