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Tasks/guides tagged: intraverts

Anatomy of an intravert (Intravert guide)

An intravert consists of the following optional elements: A full-width featured image A free-format content area A button A target page A set of triggers Individual elements on an intravert display …

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

Create a bank of intraverts (Intravert guide)

The bank of intraverts is used by the intravert widget to choose eligible candidates to display. Featured image Intraverts work best with a featured image.  The image displays at full …

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

Intravert analytics (Intravert guide)

Clicks on intraverts are recorded in Google Analytics as Events and will show the page that was being viewed when the intravert was clicked.

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

Intravert guide

The problem with traditional banner adverts and carousels is that they become annoying and ineffective due to the constant movement or position. The rotating carousel makes it hard to read …

Task (Category: Intraverts | Setup and configuration) 

Place intravert widgets (Intravert guide)

Creating a bank of intraverts is not enough to make them display. You must also place widgets within widget areas and choose which intraverts are eligible to appear, and in which order. You …

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

Techniques (Intravert guide)

Be clever about how you use your intraverts. Queue them up You can choose several intraverts within the same widget. Only one is shown at a time. Intraverts will continue …

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration)