Intravert guide Guide

3. Create a bank of intraverts

The bank of intraverts is used by the intravert widget to choose eligible candidates to display.

Featured image

Intraverts work best with a featured image.  The image displays at full column width and should act as a call to action. When clicked, the image will either close or redirect to another page. The featured image is optional.


Free-format content displays after the featured image and can contain text, video or images. You should avoid hyperlinks in content as these will not track as a click on the intravert.

Button (Link text)

A button displays after the content area. If there is no content it will display directly beneath your featured image. Use call to action text to display on the button. If you leave this blank no button will display.

Destination page

If you’d like to use the intravert to direct visitors to another page, choose the destination page to show after the button or featured image is clicked. If you don’t specify a destination page the intravert will close when clicked.

External destination page

If you want to direct visitors to another website or service that is not on the intranet, add the complete URL to the external destination page field.

Allow skip

Select this option to attach a small button to the top-right of intraverts, allowing visitors to dismiss the advert. This is useful if you plan to have several intraverts queued in a widget and want to maximise the chance of the next intravert appearing.

Cache period

Intraverts will reappear after a designated number of days after being clicked, defaulting to 14 days. Once clicked, if the intravert is still eligible, it will reappear if triggered after the elapsed cache period.


When creating an intravert, you can choose to specify the trigger conditions that will activate the intravert. If you don’t specify any triggers, the intravert will appear within eligible widget areas.

The following triggers are available:

Display within a date range

Choose start and end dates and times for the intravert to appear. Leave blank to disable this trigger.

Target logged-in users

Only show to staff who are logged-in. This includes subscriber accounts. Hides from anyone not logged-in.

Target staff with Contributor roles and above

Only show to your intranet contributors, authors, editors and administrators.

Target staff within specific grades/bands

Only show to staff within specific grades.

Target staff within specific teams

Only show to staff within specific teams.

Trigger on tasks and guides with specific categories

Intended for use on the Tasks sidebar widget area. Triggers on tasks and guides within specific categories.

Trigger on news stories with specific news types

Intended for use on the News sidebar widget area. Triggers on news posts within specific news types.

An intravert must meet all specified trigger conditions in order to be displayed.