Version 4.36 and 4.37 updates

9 Oct 2017

A round-up of updates since version 4.36. New features include the listposts shortcode and the hashtags template.

4.37.1 – 7 Oct 2017

  • Removed category links from search results to reduce the number of hyperlinks and improve screenreader access

4.37 – 7 Oct 2017

  • Sidebars include a hidden H2 heading to improve screenreader access
  • Improved loading of javascript in templates
  • Improvements to search forms and filters
  • Minor performance updates for related news sidebar on news posts
  • RTF file type added to templates and tracking
  • Changes to the Tag template, removed additional category links in listings, moved meta info to foot of list items
  • User profile tidy to remove excess code

4.36.1 – 1 Oct 2017

  • Further fixes for sidebar field not appearing in some templates
  • New Hashtags plugin provides a page template to showcase posts by tag

Hashtags template

The new hashtags template allows you to create pages to showcase posts for a single tag, with options to manually add pages and Spots. You’ll need to download and activate the HT Hashtags plugin to enable the new template.

4.36 – 23 Sep 2017

  • Fix for sidebar field not appearing in some templates
  • New listposts shortcode
  • Improvements to tagcloud links
  • Simplification of background auto-expiry functions. Cron jobs for auto-expiry on individual posts have been removed. There is a regular five minute patrol to process auto-expiring news, news-updates, vacancies and events.


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