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Adjust sizing with custom CSS  Guide

Using different font sizes across the intranet can cause some elements to display a little out of kilter. This guide shows how to change specific elements with CSS.  For each …

Change the size of the search button  Guide (Adjust sizing with custom CSS)

If the search button is larger or smaller than the search box, you can control this manually. For the intranet-wide search box, experiment with different font sizes by changing 16px …

Change the spacing between category tags  Guide (Adjust sizing with custom CSS)

If your category links need more space to make them stack nicely, experiment with 210% in the following CSS code: .wptag { line-height: 210% !important; }

Change the spacing between tags  Guide (Adjust sizing with custom CSS)

If you need to adjust spacing between tags, experiment with the following CSS changing 200%. .label { line-height: 200% !important; }

Customise CSS styles  Task

Customise Twitter Bootstrap We’ve built the GovIntranet theme using the Twitter Bootstrap framework. The default bootstrap css file is stored in /css/boostrap.min.css. You can compile your own default bootstrap stylesheet …

Remove ‘add to calendar’ from Events  Task

Hide completely To hide the “Add to calendar” feature completely, add the following CSS code to the Custom CSS area in Options: .new-cal { display: none; } Hide individual options …

Spice up the need to know widget  Task

By default, the “Need to know” widget will appear like the rest of the widgets, with a coloured bar at the top, black text and standard links. To make the …