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      I need to thank you immensely for what an amazing product you created! I’ve been building a static intranet for years. Just recently I borrowed the Gov.UK’s theme. Now that I’ve used your tips and got our site up and running with the search indexing, it is fantastic! I know this will save our company time and effort.

      Unfortunately, I will need to lock up the website to keep visitors out because we’ll store confidential information on the website.

      A few points/questions:

      >Could you add a button to “add a topic here”?
      >Could you add an “edit this page”? and track version history? I believe that we will have the most up to date intranet when anyone in the company can make changes as necessary. Obviously we will need to track version history, like WikiPedia.
      >On all my pages, except the “how do I” page, there is a blank white space. I suppose this is where the wordpress bar would go, but for whatever reason it does not show up.

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      Luke Oatham

      It’s probably best to setup users in the backend to allow creating and editing new content. Default WordPress functionality will track revisions in the backend.

      You can add some limited functionality to pages by adding a Pods shortcode. For example, over at this task page contains a Pods shortcode to allow anyone to add a new item to the jargonbuster. You’ll find a button on the main content edit toorbar to add Pods.

      There are various Wiki plugins that you can use but they mostly rely on user accounts.

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      I noticed a glitch earlier where I added a task. It appeared when you searched for it, but would not display under the category, even though it was tagged in the category. I fixed the problem by deleting the task and re-creating it.

      I also answered my own question above by noticing that it seems like WordPress tracks revisions for me – which would help me feel more comfortable about the wiki – style open editing.

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