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      Daniel Jordan

      Hi there,

      I’m attempting to set up the workflow so that editors can submit page edits/posts/events for approval (or review) rather than the work just going live when an editor clicks publish. I’ve tried a range of different plugins but I’m not having much luck, the plugins are either massively overkill and take a lot of time to configure (Oasis plugin) or they just send an email to say the works gone live.

      Any ideas on what I could try next?

      Thanks a lot for your help.


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      Paul Taylor

      Can you not get them to just hit ‘save as pending revision’?

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      Daniel Jordan

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your response, not really, the editors don’t have that as an option currently, is there a way of turning that on that I’m missing?


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      Luke Oatham

      Paul’s using the “Revisionary” plugin:

      It’s not my favourite plugin, and we’ve had issues with scheduled publication of revisions not hooking into core WordPress functions. But it does the job of allowing edits to live pages that require approval.

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      Matthew Jasek

      The members plugin was my solution:

      Make a new role (or edit an existing role) and take away publish permissions. The publish box will then change to this:

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