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      Hi there,

      First of all, amazing theme, it’s perfect and just what I have been looking for.

      I’m having some issues with the setup however. I’m using WordPress 4.0 and hosting the site locally on my Mac using Mamp.

      While going through the setup I keep stumbling upon blank white pages on the browser. For example, when I publish a page, I am not directed to the page, instead a blank screen appears on the browser.

      I logged out of the site in an attempt to log back in. However, when I put in my login details, the same screen occurs and I’m no longer able to get back onto the site.

      I deleted the theme and plugin folders to allow me back into the dashboard.

      Anyone know the reason for this?

      Have I missed something crucial?


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      I got a similar behaviour initially because I tried to look at the theme before the pods plugin was installed.
      It is a required component for the theme to work.
      Have a look at the set-up guide to see if you’re missing anything – https://help.govintra.net/task/configure-settings/
      Failing that, change the theme to say twentyfourteen, and see does your home page load – or if you can login at /wp-admin.

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      Thanks for getting back deanodley

      I don’t seem to be having any problems when I delete the theme folder from WordPress and everything works normally when I revert back to twentyfourteen. I can’t seem to see where I have missed a step. A message about cookies does appear over the login form. Does this normally happen for the theme?

      I might try it on another computer and see if I can get it working


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      Marky – next maybe try the “standard” wordpress troubleshooting:
      1) disable plugins one-by-one to see if any one individual is causing the behaviour you see
      2) check your htaccess to make sure nothing is being blocked (assuming apache)
      3) try wordpress debugging
      Hope this helps – also make sure your browser is not messing with cookies – remember localhost ( is the host if you are using MAMP – also relevant to htaccess.
      4) nuclear option, and maybe quickest – delete and start again 🙂

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      Thanks for you help Deanodley!

      I really appreciate it.

      I have deactivated a few of the plugins and the site is working perfectly. I’ll need to pinpoint exactly which one it is, but I’m right now I want to plough on with the site to get some content on it.

      When I discover what plugin it was, I’ll post it up here in case anyone else has the same issue.

      Thanks again!

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