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      Gavin McMenemy

      Hi guys,

      We’re starting to use your theme to customise our intranet but we’re having some issues with the URLs and I am not sure whether it’s a server issue or something else.
      We’re running WordPress on Windows 2008 r2 which means it’s hosted on IIS 7.x. I am using PHP 5.6. Obviously we have implemented a web.config url rewrite because we’re not using Apache.

      Most of the site is functional but we’re having a couple of issues:

      On the How Do I? page we have a browse by category section. In here I see a list of categories such as Communications or ICT. Some categories work, others don’t. For example:
      If I click Communications I am taken to the Communications page and can see all of the information on that page.
      Weirdly (and humourously) if I click the ICT category we get the standard 404. This is the only category that doesn’t work at all.

      Our Permalinks are listed according to this structure: http://<intranet>/%category%/%postname%/

      In addtion (I’m not sure if this is related) I can’t seem to get search to show anything.

      I was wondering if you guys had any pointers at all?

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      Luke Oatham

      I take it there is content categorised as ICT, else it shouldn’t appear as an option. I wonder if it’s something to do with the permalinks structure. Do you have a page with ict as the slug? Otherwise, perhaps try with just the postname as the permalink.

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