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Update from v.4.2.5

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    I’m currently using v.4.2.5. Sorry for the silly question but I really need your help updating the theme.

    Would you mind writing me a sort of short tutorial?

    Many thanks


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    Luke Oatham

    Hi Ele

    You’ll need FTP access or some method of copying the theme files to your intranet server.

    See: Theme and plugin updates for instructions.

    Hope you’re doing good.


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    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have followed your instructions but once updated all the widgets on the homepage disappeared, as well as the wordpress dashboard bar at the top of the page.

    Furthermore some plugins appear twice but with different versions. I did not overwrite the entire plugin folder but only the contents as per instructions.

    I have done a copy of the old installation and overwrite it again. The site seems to be ok now but in the plugins page I still have more than a version of some. If this makes sense, please see screenshot attached.

    Could you please help me? Maybe the issues I am having are because I am updating from an old version of the theme? Which way would be the best in your opinion?

    Many Thanks


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    Hi again,

    a little update, the dropdown categories boxes in the search documents page don’t work anymore..
    I am very worried that I have messed up the entire site somehow.

    Could you please let me know if I can move the entire content to the latest version of the theme minimising any error?

    Many Thanks


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    So I have managed to reinstate the previous version of the theme and plugins but I am still having the issue with the categories, document types and browse team dropdowns. Do you think it can be fixed somehow?

    What should I do to perform the update in the best way possible? Maybe update on a local installation and see if I can fix all the issues before moving to the live website?

    Many thanks


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