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      Gavin McMenemy


      I am getting something weird on our intranet and I am not sure what’s causing this. I previously had the WSOD but that’s fixed and if it happens I can fix it again.

      However, I’ve just fixed it again.

      I’ve bodged the site back to life but I have noticed something.

      On the themes page instead of the theme (doesn’t matter which theme) all we see is an entry “Theme Name”.

      We have 2 themese: govintranet and twentysixteen.

      I’ve been hunting around in the DB and I can’t see where the list of themes might be listed. wp_options theme and stylesheet is currently set to “govintranet”.

      Check the image to see what I mean.

      Notice that it’s asking to update this theme – even though I’ve already tried that. Very strange behaviour.

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