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Strange Profile Nudge problem

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    Have been busy setting up a demo site for a few days now, without any problems – except I have run across one now.:)

    Regarding the Profile Nudge widget; if you try to input information when it “nudges” you to do so e.g. your phone number – you are then faced with a “Security check – there is something wrong” white page. (URL …/wp-content/plugins/ht-profile-nudge/update_profile.php)

    I am assuming it has something to do with if ( ! wp_verify_nonce( $nonce, 'update-profile' ) ) but it looks correct…???

    Tried disabling all plugins except the Profile Nudge, then tested it, that still landed me on the “Security check – there is something wrong” page.

    Created a new user but was faced with the same problem.

    @Luke, have you ever come across a problem like this?

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    Luke Oatham

    Hello. There are some plugin updates available for this which may help.

    I’m also working on an ajax version of this plugin which will work without having to refresh the page.


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    That ajax version sounds interesting, can’t wait to try it out.:)

    Tried the latest version of the profile-nudge, but it seems to still have the same affect (tried different browsers & users, just in case it was a cache issue.)

    Also, the latest update seems to take way the User Name variable from the title; so it looks like “, did you know?” (Haven’t really investigated why, just reporting the bug that we see.)

    Hope this helps and thanks again, Luke!

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