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Staff search NOT WORKING

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    Luke Oatham

    How do you activate searching in staffsearch page? The search yields no result when I enter a name, which is in the database.

    Search results for: boris

    Not on the directory
    Try searching again or go back to the staff directory

    I also have a problem, that when you click on a person in the A-Z staff directory, it goes to a blank page. The slug page which should generate automatically for each person is empty or non-existant. Is that why the search is off?

    That’s an error

    The page that you are trying to reach doesn’t exist.

    Please go back or try searching.

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    Luke Oatham

    Just checking you’ve got the Relevanssi Premium plugin (which supports user searches and autocomplete in the main search box), the bbPress plugin installed, and you’ve followed ?

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    Luke Oatham

    I don’t have the premium version. Otherwise I have followed your instructions.

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    Luke Oatham

    You need the Relevanssi Premium plugin to index user accounts and have them searchable from the main search box. However, you should still be able to search from the staff directory page, although it’s not nearly as powerful as Relevanssi.

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