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      I have successfully installed the govintranet theme and then followed the guide at yet when I click on a Staff member’s name in the directory I get an error page saying:

      “That’s an error
      The page that you are trying to reach doesn’t exist.
      Please go back or try searching.”

      I tried everything from deleting the users, teams, and grades pods then reinstalling bbPress (making sure to set the User Base setting to “staff”) and then re-adding the pods and it is still giving me the same error.

      My WordPress installation is installed in the root directory of the webserver and unfortunatley because it is hosted on a local network box I can’t share the URL for anyone to test it.

      Also why does my staff directory listings appear like the one below as opposed to the one on the demo site
      My Staff Directory Page

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      So I was just messing around and found a fix for the Staff Profile issue.
      You need to uncheck “Prefix all forum content with the Forum Root slug (Recommended)” under Settings > Forum in order for the profile pages to work otherwise they will be located at <URL>/forum/staff/<username>

      I believe this is a default setting for the newest version of bbPress on WordPress 4.0+ so it should probably be noted to uncheck it in the set-up guide.

      I would still like to know how to get my small profile listing on the staff-directory page to appear like that one the demo page. I would have assumed that this demo was the default css so I am kind of confused why it looks differently. Also, within the profile page the “Organisation Tree” looks much different than the demo site.

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      I don’t know if this would help you, but, have you checked in the Admin section under Settings –> Intranet Configurations; there should be some options to make the Profiles look better and like the demo if you want e.g. circular profile pics etc.

      Also, in order for them to have the same details and Org structure as the demo, remember to include all the relevant details for each user e.g. Line Manger, contact details, grades etc. And have those categories setup already, as per the setup process. (TIP: in regards to the grades – the slugs for each grade dictates the hierarchy order as they appear on the page.)

      Hope this helps!

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      Luke Oatham

      Here are my forum settings

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