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      First off many thanks for the theme. We are currently evaluating it with a view to moving forward and creating a new intranet off from this theme. I do have one question. I have the staff directory set up, however the Staff Grade is listing in alphabetical order and I cant work out how to give them an ranking order

      Also in the team listing, our sub team links at the top of the page dont actually link down to anchor points, is it likley I’ve done somthing wrong?

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      Luke Oatham


      You should be able to change the order that the grades appear by manipulating the slug.

      The anchor links problem is a quirk in IE which I’ve just fixed. Updates will be on GitHub over Easter.

      Hope all goes well with the rest of the evaluation 🙂

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      Thanks, its all coming together, the anchor links now work and ive fiddled with the slugs to get the directory and team pages linking correctly

Viewing 2 reply threads
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