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      I’ve tried to set this up several times (so I think I’m following the instructions correctly) but can’t get it to work properly

      The staff-directory page has a search box and an A-Z but no content. Searching for a user produces no results and take me to a more general search page. Clicking on one of the A-Z buttons takes me to this URL http://localhost/wordpress/?grade=&show=F&sort=first

      Entering the URL staff/<username> takes me to the “Not Found” page

      Anyone have any ideas

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      More investigation shows that if I make a user a member of a team then the team page shows the user but clicking on the links takes me to the url /staff/username the profile page actually seems to be located at /forums/staff/username.

      I’d appreciate some help !

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      Luke Oatham

      John – Can you try switching off the bbPress option to add the root slug to forums?

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      Thanks that worked

Viewing 3 reply threads
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