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Staff Directory: Page Not Found

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    First off, this “package” is absolutely wonderful! Our new nonprofit intranet is going to be fantastic, and it’s largely a result of Helpful Technology.

    To my question: I’ve added a page with he template for the staff directory. I also have the staff directory module enabled and have selected the appropriate page for the staff directory. Additionally, the slug for the staff page is “staff-directory.” However, whenever I click on a staff’s name, I get “Page Not Found.” I’m guessing I’ve missed a step, and am looking for some guidance on this…


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    Hi !

    Think I found why : with bbpress, user profil link is like url/forums/staff/name_of_the_personne, but links you have are made like this url/staff/name_of_the_personne. That’s why you can’t succeed in your access.
    I began change page-staff-directory-masonry.php, line 175 and 239, but there’re other files to change..

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      Ahh! Thanks Ericoid. I typed in /forums/staff/name_of_person and their member profile came up.

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    I made changes in those files to go every where in good user profil
    page-staff-directory-masonry.php, line 175 and 239
    page-aggregator/part-team-listing.php, lines 19, 33, 82, 96
    single-team.php lines 109, 124, 150, 211, 227, 253
    user-profile.php lines 125, 153, 158

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    Thanks! Another alternative I figured was just adding some rewrite’s to the htaccess file (of course, this isn’t the preferable method, but it was easier just doing this):

    RewriteRule ^staff/(.*)$ /forums/staff/$1 [R=301,NC,L]

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