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Staff Directory Filterable?

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    Nick Peterson

    Hi there,

    We starting using this fantastic theme as our library’s intranet and it has been working great for us so far. We have our WordPress/Apache setup to use LDAP auth so user accounts are created automatically in WP. However, this has lead to accounts from other campus users who are not explicitly staff of our library to pop up in our Staff Directory module. Is there a way to limit or “filter” out these unwanted users from the directory? Something like “show only authors and above”?



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    I’m very interested in this if you get any more info. I’m an outside developer with admin login. I don’t need my clients employees asking who this random person is in their directory.

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    Tom Andrew

    Are you using a plugin to achieve this? I am using Active Directory Intergration – Using that I am able to specify Organisation Units (OU) from the active directory. This means as long as our network manager groups staff in these (OU) groups, I can just import the group, excluding the rest of the organisation. Hope this makes sense.

    Another more basic tip, is if you remove the firstname and lastname of the users you dont want to see, they will disappear from the Staff Directory. This is helpful if you have generic or guest accounts, messing up your staff directory.

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    Luke Oatham

    Blanking out first and last name is the only way at present to stop people appearing in the staff directory. However, I’m not sure if your LDAP plugin would reset this when people login again?

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    Nick Peterson

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks Tom and Luke: this solution (removing first/last name) works as a temporary measure but yes our LDAP plugin will continue to populate the directory with anyone who logs into our Intranet. What would be awesome is if we could configure the directory to only show users of a certain role designation. That way anyone who is say, a subscriber, would not show and everyone who is an Author or Editor does. We also have some in the Admin role who we would like to not display.



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