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      Aaron Wisher

      I am using the HT Profile Nudge (AJAX) plugin. When I am prompted to update my bio, I do so. However, after doing this I get the nudge again a day later and the bio is empty. I have also gone into my profile and typed in bio text directly, and it also disappears. I shows up after it is entered and seems fine, but is gone the next day. All of the other fields seem to stick. Any Ideas as to what is happening?

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      Luke Oatham

      That’s really odd. Is everyone’s bio getting zapped each day?

      I can’t find anything obvious in the GovIntranet theme or plugins that would do this. Do you have any account synchronisation plugins installed for Active Directory or similar? Or other plugins that might affect user accounts?

      What version of bbPress do you use?

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      Aaron Wisher

      It may very well be the Active Directory app I am using. I disabled a few of the options and it seems to have fixed the issue. I will monitor and let you know if there is any issues. Thanks for the feedback.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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