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      Neil Lawrence

      We’ve been scratching our head about why tags we’ve used with our Tasks are not being found with the Relevanssi search. After checking the indexing tab it looks like the only tags that are covered are for Posts (not used) and Topics (we’ve not implemented this).

      The only solution we’ve found has been to include the search term within the content itself. Are there any other solutions out there? Would the Premium version give us more options?

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      Neil Lawrence

      We’ve also found that search will not include the content within Manuals (where used) for Tasks

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      Luke Oatham

      Hi Neil

      Are you indexing the tags in Relevanssi?

      Screenshot attached of how to index the tags. You need to tick the relevant boxes in Relevanssi and then reindex.

      Let me know if you still have problems. We’ve tested this on the latest 4.99 version.


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      Luke Oatham

      To index manuals, you need to index custom fields in Relevanssi – on the indexing tab, select “visible” for custom fields.

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      Neil Lawrence

      OK, we’ll do some testing on this to see if that’s our experience too

      Struggling with another search issue: we have a Task (Attendance Management) that uses the term ‘return to work’ a number of times, and a Task about risk hazard assessment which uses the term “work” 49 times. A user searching for ‘return to work’ gets the Risk Hazard assessment task as the first choice every time, which is wrong.

      I’ve tried adding “return to work” in the keywords – no change

      We’ve checked the Risk Hazard task and the word ‘return’ isn’t present

      I’ve checked the Relevanssi Search tab and the default operator is “AND – require all terms”. In my book, this SHOULD mean that a search for ‘return to work’ HAS to include all three words. But this looks like it isn’t happening.

      We think that the high volume of the term ‘work’ in the Risk Hazard task is outweighing the correct search parameters in the Attendance Management task. Does that sound a likely thing? Is there something else we should be looking at?

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