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Recurring Events Issue

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    Luke Oatham

    We are using The Events Calendar Pro for events since we need recurring events. A previous forum post had noted that others use that plugin for recurring events. We also use it on our public website. When saving a recurring event the event will not be created correctly. For example if I set the recurrence to be every two weeks starting on Friday June 9 ending on June 23 it will create the event on June 9, then June 10 and then June 24 instead of June 9 and June 23.

    I have determined that this is an issue with the GovIntranet theme as the events will create correctly when using the 2016 default WordPress theme. I have also tested by deactivating all other plugins but The Events Calendar and The Events Calendar PRO and that does not change the outcome. Once created the recurrences do not change if I change themes.

    Since The Events Calendar Pro has several ways to enter events I then tried the option of entering the recurrence as every two weeks starting June 8 ending after two occurrences. In this case it created an occurrence on June 8 and then June 9. Not June 8 and June 22.

    I have attached screenshots of the first scenario. The first screenshot shows the setup on the event and the second shows the created series.

    Any help is much appreciated. We really like the Govintranet theme and use other features heavily.

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    Luke Oatham

    So we are able to work around this by choosing every 14 days rather than every two weeks.

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    Luke Oatham

    Hi Neal – just checking, do you have the Govintranet events module switched on?

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    Luke Oatham


    Thanks for responding. The Events module is switched off.

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