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      Hi All,

      Am dangerously close to getting some buy in for our new intranet. Im now looking at setting users up to be able to create content. Currently we are looking at having a 3 teir solution to publishing as follows:

      Admins- All powerfull with the rights to do everything.

      Publishers – Have full control over publishing content onto the site

      Contributors – Can create content and submit this to a publisher or admin for publication(so that they can check it for style and user need)

      My question is does the roles and capabilities function of pods support this? or do i need another add on?

      thanks all!

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      Bit of an update..

      Ok so I have got the contributor profile working, however whenever it submitts a task for review I get a blank white page or ‘page not found’

      Any ideas what is causing this issue?

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      Luke Oatham

      Hey! We did have a problem like this on a client intranet. It wasn’t on a server that we host but I think the problem was related to server caching and ajax not working correctly. I haven’t heard any other reports of this.

      Core WordPress roles should work fine for what you want.

      One plugin that you might try:

      Revisionary – allows a post to be edited and saved in revision while the original post is still live until the revision is approved.


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      Thanks for the tip re; Revisionary will give that a try. Am also looking into our caching to see if this is causing the problem.

      Is that likley if its just happening on the tasks custom post?

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      Hi Again,

      The problem has been resolved, the error log showed that the poll plugin was not functioning correctly and was causing caching issues across the site. Ive removed the plugin and replaced it with one of the many others and all seems well.

      This has also solved the related tasks issue we were having. Different problem, same cause.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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