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News Expiry Won't Turn Off

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    aaron robb

    So we just noticed this yesterday. When making a new news post, when you hit Publish, it errors saying “Validation failed. 2 fields require attention”, and makes it so you can’t publish news without an expiry date, even if the News Expiration is turned off.
    I’m assuming its a plugin glitch or possibly an updated (non-Govintranet) plugin that is now conflicting, but I’m unsure of what has been updated.
    Has anyone seen this before?

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    Hi Aaron

    Have you updated to the latest version of Advanced Custom Fields PRO as we think this is what is causing the issue. If you rollback to the previous version then this should fix the issue


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      aaron robb

      Yes we’re on ACF Pro 5.5.10
      I’ll roll to 5.5.9 to see if that changes it.


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      aaron robb

      5.5.9 works.
      Thanks for the update!

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    Neil McMonagle

    This just caught me as well – upgraded ACF from 5.5.9 to 5.5.10 and couldn’t create or edit news posts. Rolled back and all OK again.


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      Luke Oatham

      Fixed in 4.34.10

      Thanks to Neil for helping with the diagnosis 🙂

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