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Need to know on news landing page

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    Does anyone know how to change the text of the ‘need to know’ tab on the news landing page? I’ve updated the need to know widget on home page to something the business is familiar with already (to get staff to read it), but I need to change the news landing page to match it so they can navigate to them.

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    Luke Oatham

    Hi Natalie

    You can use the translation functionality to change text in the templates. You’ll need to use Poedit and create a new translation using the govintranet.pot file from the govintranet/languages folder. Search for “Need to know” and change the text to your preferred wording. When done, you should save your work as govintranet-en_GB (the extension should match your default language) – this will create a govintranet-en_GB.po and file. Copy these files to your /wp-content/languages/themes folder.


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