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      Hi all, I’m hoping that I’m missing something simple but I’m trying to configure GovIntranet on my wordpress.org domain (WP version 4.4.2) and everything goes smoothly, I understand the instructions, but the problem is that I’m missing an “Options” menu in WordPress (*see attachment).

      According to the instructions and the video I would expect to see it atop “Custom Fields” and below “Settings”. Without this I cannot activate any of the modules or carry on with the setup. I’ve tried searching this forum and the net to see what I may be missing to no avail.

      Does anyone have any thoughts? I’m out of troubleshooting ideas at this point….

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      Luke Oatham

      Are you using the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin? It’s the Pro plugin that gives you the options.

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      Ah, mystery solved. Knew it was something simple I was missing. I installed only the “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin, not the “Pro” version. I’ll give that a shot.

      Thanks Luke! Rockstar!

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