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      Hi, I’ve been using Govintranet here in Puerto Rico since it came out and love it. Now we have updated to the latest version of Govintranet from Github on a WordPress clean install and updated the database. Everything is working fine except that the toggles for Document Type and Category are not working when using the Media A-Z page template. When you click them they only change color but do not show any type of document or category.

      Capture-1 shows the Category and Document Type Toggles that don’t work. A-Z and Search work fine.
      Capture-2 show the change in color for the Document Type (Tipo de documento) toggle but no dropdown with document types.

      If I use the document-finder template for the page it works fine. The thing is I like the Media A-Z due to the layout and ability to incorporate Search, A-Z, Doc Type and Category in a line.

      Capture-3 shows the Document Finder Template that since have no toggles works fine but don’t look as good.

      Is anyone having this problem? I used a lot of custom CSS to change the look of the site so I’m trying to find out if the problem is in the customization or it is the plugin.

      Capture-4 show the site and from the top-down I use Custom CSS heavily to tailor the design of the site.

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      Found the cause for the problem to be a Bootstrap files conflict between the theme and the WP Support Plus plugin. Was able to resolved it by disabling the Bootstrap JS and Bootstrap CSS in WP Support Plus Advance Settings.

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