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      Luke, the breadcrumb trail looses its relevance because it follows the task, not the category.

      For example – How Do I >> Sell Any Policy >> Auto
      simply reads Tasks >> Auto

      The same is true of your intranet. Just take a look at your “add a poll” section. That should breadcrumb trail under “forms and polls” – but it doesn’t. Any suggestions?

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      Problem solved partially.

      In the Breadcrumb NavXT – Under Post Types – change Post Hierarchy to Category (away from Post Parent). Under Task – change from Post Parent to Category.

      The problem that I still notice is that when browsing under task-by-category, if you click on a task, it then redirects you to the “tasks” breadcrumb, rather than the “task-by-category” breadcrumb.

      Making progress 🙂

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      Luke Oatham

      Peter – you need to subscribe to forum posts in order to get notified by email!

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      Luke, I understand that you don’t link the categories in the breadcrumb trail because there could be multiple categories. Because of that, I think it would make more sense to turn the breadcrumb trail off – It just makes the website less navigable and more confusing.

      To help users, how could I move the categories and tags in the right column to the left side of the page – in other words, swap the task column and category/tag column, so that users always know what category they are browsing in?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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