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      Luke, two questions that I’m running into and suspect others will as well.

      1) I would like to have a third level link (category post) go directly to an external website
      2) I would like to have a fourth level for category specific posts.

      For example, on your site, you currently have three levels

      How Do I > Editing Techniques > Create a new accessible table >

      Lets suppose that there was a really good external page that explained in intricate detail how to create a new accessible table. Instead of taking users to an internal page, how could you make that task appear in the category, but the task was just a link to an external website? Currently, I have created a task, and from that task linked outside. But that is an extra click that I would like to eliminate. How could you change it so that when users clicked on the task “Create a new accessible table” it took them outside (what I am calling a third level link)

      Next Question: you already have a task called “create a new accessible table”. Suppose that this was the only task whatsoever in your “how do I” section regarding tables, but, you had a lot of questions about a certain detail of accessible tables (for example – people want to know “Why use the code ‘td’? “. There is no other website out there that explains the question in detail, so you create a single web page on the intranet dedicated to answering that question. However, most users won’t read the question since it is too detailed and unimportant to the task at hand, so you want to keep it separate. But, you don’t want to put it in the category of Editing Techniques. You just want a link on your task to explain a little more detail to those who want it. How would you create this page?

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      Can you also make a “two level” page?

      For example, lets suppose we have a How Do I > Forms category
      That category simply serves to list a bunch of forms. I don’t need to have a bunch of tasks listed on that page, just direct links to forms. How could you make the category itself have its own little homepage without adding tasks?

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