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      Ian Hirst

      Hi – having followed the instructions at Manage Widgets we cannot get our widget to work. I’d be interested to know if the site needs to be a fully qualified domain name (ours is just http://intranet)? Any hints or tips for setting up the widget would be gratefully received. Thanks, Ian

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      Hi Ian

      The most active widget functions using Google analytics so you would have to make sure that is all set up correctly

      Not sure if you can therefore do it without an actively registered domain

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      Ian Hirst

      Thanks – Our google analytics does register the page views despite the site address, but we did think that not having a proper FQDN might prevent the widget pulling data back.

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      Luke Oatham

      Ian – we’ve had problems with sites hosted on Windows servers due to firewalls not allowing traffic in. Otherwise, the plugin uses the View ID to pull data from GA and should process URLs in line with your site settings.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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