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      Hi all,

      I’m just wondering how you authenticate your users? do you sync with Active Directory or some other LDAP server, or just use the wordpress user manager?

      Ive been looking at OneLogin it works great in terms of logging in the user but it requires further manual admin in the wordpress dashboard so specify Forum Roles and Line Manager etc.

      Thanks in advanced

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      Luke Oatham

      Hi Will

      We’ve been using the GLogin plugin in conjunction with the One Intranet plugin to control access for some of our clients who use Google Apps. This allows staff to login from anywhere. We’re looking at Active Directory options for another client but I don’t have any advice on this as yet.

      Otherwise, we control access via IP address lockdown which requires no login to view the intranet, apart from VPN access from remote locations where required.


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      Thanks Luke,

      I’ll give the GLogin a try.

      The profile link thats displayed when you visit your own Contact Card on the Staff Directory, is there a link that can be put into a custom menu item? so rather than them having to go through a long way to get to their profile, just add something to the menu?

      I can’t find the code in the templates anywhere.

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