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      I’m just wondering how others are registering new users/employees on their site and how are they handling the user profile editing page?

      Basically, there are three things that we are trying to do;
      1) Disable the WP email-verification before activation (can not send emails) and allow users to pick their password at registration and immediately activated. (been playing around with some plugins to achieve this, looked at using BuddyPress, but seems a bit bloated just to really use one feature – not looking to make the site a social networking site.)
      2) (A Nice-To-Have) Including custom user fields when registering, so users can fill in their profiles immediately at registration. Looked at GravityForm’s addon for User Registration as well as BuddyPress itself, but doesn’t seem to pick up the custom fields in the user-table.
      3) User update/editing page: When a standard user wants to update/ edit their profile they get sent to the admin area – which isn’t really pretty and is an ugly user experience. (Also been looking at some options for this.)

      Ideally, if we can just get a simple and clean way to disable the registration-email-verification thing and finding a way for users to edit their profiles on the front-end, that would be awesome.

      So, how are other people handling these issues – if at all.:) thanks again for a really thought-out template!

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      Luke Oatham

      Have a look at

      This is an example of some work I was doing to try to get the user edit screen into better shape. It can probably be done with a bit of jQuery to tidy up the form. It uses the form-user-edit.php template from bbPress and somehow the extra user information from Pods automatically shows up too. However, I never got it to work satisfactorily and although the templates still remains in the theme, we aren’t using them.

      There are also bbPress shortcodes that you can insert into a page to show the login/register/lost password forms.



      I also looked at the GravityForms plugin – but I think I ran into problems trying to match up user fields to Pods items that could contain more than one entry.

      Hope that gives you some pointers.



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      Thank you Luke!

      Yes, that defiantly helps! I also ran into the same problem with GravityForms. Will dig a little deeper with the bbpress stuff. (Just gave it a quick brush over as I wan’t sure if it would’ve picked up the Pods fields.)

      Thanks again, if I get simple and clean solution, I’ll share.

      Good luck!


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