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    Colleagues have been requesting the ability to create recurring events so I installed Events Manager. I had to uninstall it as there was a conflict. The events could not be published due to issues with the date format. I noticed items from the theme events plugin continued to be displayed whilst the other plugin was activated. So for example, dates and times and location were showing up as part twice.

    Is it possible to add recurring events to the theme to prevent future conflict with other plugins?

    Has anyone else got an events plugin to work with the theme?

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    Luke Oatham

    Pam, did you turn off the events module in GovIntranet options before using the plugin? It may well conflict if left on.

    I use The Events Calendar for clients who need more advanced functionality than the basic theme supports. There is some limited support for this plugin built into GovIntranet.

    Existing GovIntranet events plugins won’t work with third-party events plugins, but I have created an events listing plugin for use with The Events Calendar. You’ll find this in the /utilities folder.

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    Hi Luke

    Sorry for the late response. I turned off the events module and tried to use Events Manger but still had left over code from the module.

    I tried The Events Calendar but you need to buy the pro version to get recurring events. We already use the pro version of Events Manager on our externals site so it would help if we could figure out the conflict.

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    The attached image shows the problems I am having. The events module still shows up even though it has been turned off.

    I am also getting this message:

    Your event details are incorrect and cannot be published, please correct these errors first:
    Dates must have correct formatting. Please use the date picker provided.

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    Luke Oatham

    Thanks for the screenshot. That makes sense now. The Event Manager plugin uses the same post type and is picking up the govintranet custom fields. There is still some code in the theme to register custom fields for events even if the events module is switched off. I’ll get this fixed in the next version.

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