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      Love govinternetters, using it to build our new community council website, however one thing i can’t seem to do, on the default template, i want to place a normal text widget in the sidebar… cant get it to work at all on nearly any option i try. Is there any template already created where i can achieve this?

      Thanks, Jeremy

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      Luke Oatham

      Hi Jeremy

      There isn’t currently a widget area in the default template. Allowing custom content in sidebars is on the backlog of enhancements so hang in there.

      For now, you might be able to achieve something using the Aggregator template. There is a free-format area in all of the available columns.


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      This is something I’m very interested too. Just having a regular sidebar where we can drop any widgets will allow us to have our intranet displaying just like a regular blog with Govintranet + other plugins.

      Thanks for the updates and continued development of this project!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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